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9 truths that computer programmers know that most people don’t.

Fact #1

“Under the hood, most critical software you use every day (like Mac OS X, or Facebook) contains a terrifying number of hacks and shortcuts that happen to barely fit together into a working whole. It would be like taking apart a brand-new 747 and discovering that the fuel line is held in place by a coat-hanger and the landing gear is attached with d... Read more

Top 22 Best Responsive CSS Frameworks, most useful for Web Designers.

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Today I'm going to show you some very usefull CSS frameworks. Using any of this framework we can easily make website responsive and well designed.

Framework :

In web design, a framework is defined as apackage made up of a structure of files and folders of standardized code (HTML, CSS, JS documents etc.)�which can be ... Read more

Apple's 'Swift' Programming Language: Things You Should Know!

Apple recently unveiled Swift, a new language to replace Objective-C for OS X and iOS application development. Apple won't accept submissions built using Swift to the iOS or Mac App Store until the fall, when iOS 8 and the next version of OS X (Yosemite) ship, so there's still some time to learn the ins and outs of th... Read more

15 Apps for Programming on Android

There are plenty of programs on desktop computers for writing and compiling code but what about on Android? Here are 15 apps that will hopefully make your life easier while programming, whether you are just beginning, or have been programming your whole life. Productivity is extremely important in programming, so maybe a few of these apps will help you be on your way to being a coding... Read more

9 Websites That Will Challenge Programmers!

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There are various websites on the internet that hosts challenges for programmers. Winners are often given prizes, which are even cash prizes sometimes. Here are 9 such websites that you can use.

1.)Top Coder

This is the biggest competitive software development community in the world. It has me... Read more

31 Awesome website to learn Programming Online....

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Today I'm Sharing interesting topic about learning programming online. Whenever we want to learn programming online that's time we have to choose following of this website to learn by video or learn by tutorial.Some os this site provide tutorial and some of this site provide video tutorial.


1. Read more